About Us

Started in 2011, we are celebrating over a decade of "infinite possibilities" with INFINITY LIGHTS®! The first in the United States to sell a lamp of this kind, our small company located in Twin Falls, Idaho, grew quickly.

In 2013 we were featured in a nationwide infomercial, on the cover of several magazines and retailed at over 150 tradeshows both in the US and Canada. 

In 2019 we scaled back our operation to focus only on the success of our wholesale customers. We no longer participate in mall carts or retail events, focusing only on improving our offerings to our retailers.

While we loved talking to our customers over the phone, we realized if we closed the phonelines and went solely online we could offer:

  • Massively increased order accuracy!
  • The ability for our customers to "see" what they are ordering (colors, prints)
  • Transparent and up to date automated inventory
  • Downloadable online resources (signage, videos)
  • Decreased shipping costs
  • Ability for our customers to input their own shipping details (leading to less errors than a manual entry)
  • Focus on maintaining needed stock for our customers

We are now a team of two people, which has greatly reduced overhead in the wake of the pandemic and supply chain increases. Your patronage makes our jobs possible.

We celebrate the success of our customers and take great pride in our service guarantee! Thank you for your business.

If you cannot find the answers you need on the site, or experience any technical difficulty, please email us.   info@infinitylights.com