The Paradox of Choice... Why less options for your customer are better

Posted by Cortney Campbell on

Customers often ask...why don't you have more prints? Why don't you have logo lights? 

In a decade of selling these unique lights, we have learned... less is ALWAYS more! When a customer has too many choices, they will often choose nothing at all. This is what big retailers refer to as "the paradox of choice".

There are too many sports teams, comic book characters, toy brands, schools and organizations to attempt to please everyone. Why have to say no, when you can say yes? It's an impossible endeavor to carry everything from the El Paso Chihuahuas to Dora the Explorer. And you can be sure customers will ask!

Instead... suggest a red, white and blue lamp for Red Sox fans... a grey, black and orange lamp for Harley Davidson lovers... and a light pink, light blue and light purple lamp for Frozen movie fanatics. I have never encountered a request for a themed lamp we couldn't accommodate by simply combining colors.

Using this method will allow you to say "yes" to any request. It will also save you THOUSANDS of dollars in inventory holding costs and let's face it... licensed pieces are way too expensive. 

Remember the tagline INFINITY LIGHTS: Endless PossibilitiesWith a little imagination and interaction with your customers, you can create a unique work of light art!

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